Well, my son is going to his first formal tonight

We were very very frugal about it. We purchased adjustable tuxedo pants and and a very nice blazer for $2. We later purchased a tuxedo jacket to wear instead of the blazer, because the blazer is camel hair and we were afraid it would be too hot. Now.. we find out it’s not hot but it will be raining tonight, so I guess it worked out for the best (Wet camel hair? Yuck!).
We also got his shoes for $9 and I made the corsage and boutonniere for about $5. He has saved/earned his own spending money for the evening. Not sure he will be frugal about it!
While he is having a good time, dancing the night away, we will be enjoying free tickets to a minor league game. I am taking my mother out to dinner and the game. We just have to share the box with several of my co-workers! So I do have to buy her dinner at the restaurant of her choice, tonight will be ok on the budget!
This weekend, we are going to start working on our house to get it ready to sell. We are starting with the cheapest fixes and moving up to the most expensive ones. I’m not looking forward to this process at all but hopefully, it will be worth it!