First off, congratulations on paying off all your consumer debt!

That is Fantastic! How long did it take you?
I’m not sure if Dave Ramsey would say to ever go out of order on the Baby Steps. I believe, he says if you can’t get out of debt in 18 months or less then, contribute to your retirement. Can someone else confirm that?
I’m interested to know what your snowball is now? You said you just paid off your consumer debt and built up your FFEF. So now that that is done, I’m assuming you still have that money to put toward your next “step”?
Can knock out your Sallie Mae #2 in a year? ($1658.30/month)
My gut says to get your retirement contribution up to 15% for both you and your husband ASAP. Have you figured out what dollar amount you need in your retirement account to retire? If it is $150,000 or $ 1,500,000, will really depend on how aggressive you need to be in your contributions.
Maybe you can do both. Contribute 15% to retirement and quickly pay off your Sallie Mae’s. I’d need to know a few more numbers to really be specific. It depends on how big your shovel is!
Can you increase your income to fully fund your retirement accounts?