Mothers day, per se, was very nice here visiting Mom

But my DH taking care of the farm in my absence, was one long trainwreck. One crisis after another such that my phone was ringing 6x/day with some new issue. I’m getting ready to fly home, to a farm I thought was ready for me to be gone a few days, but wasn’t,and a DH who spent most of the weekend angry. So I’m not sure what/why those issues came up. But we have a lot of work ahead of us figuring out what went wrong and why. Not my happiest, most cheerful report.

This is my first Mother’s Day w/out my mom, she passed last Sept. 1.

We plan on having lunch at a friend’s house. They are fixing shrimp and okra gumbo. Her mom is in a nursing home and too much of an invalid ot leave for lunch. My family will go see my grandma and dad after lunch. My friend will go see her mom after lunch too.

I was supposed to go antique-ing with a friend tomorrow in a town about 2 hours away. However we are under flood watch in all of southeast Louisiana till tomorrow evening. We are postponing our trip till another day.

I am not sure what my dh and dd are planning for us. If they choose to do a gift, that is great, if not–that is okay too. We usually don’t go out and eat on the big day. We may go out one evening next week.

We will spend very little for Mother’s Day. I will probably pick up a mixed boquet for my grandma. She is easy to please …. she really loves it when we go see her and get McDonald’s for lunch. LOL