Yes the jars are definitely cheaper

and since I use canning jars I can use my vacuum sealer to seal them. This helps to extend freshness. I use ½ gallon canning jars for the back roll on my tiered shelf, then quart, then pint, then half pint. Put the labels high and you can immediately see where everything is (photos will be posted soon on my blog). For things I use on a daily basis I will use “recycled” jars, such as mayonnaise, pickle etc.

I’m curious about this organizers idea

Is this someone who comes in and helps deal with clutter, ie, organizing objects? Or do they help you organize your time/work/personal life schedules? Organize business tasks/strategy/operations? Congrats on launching the self-employment part of things. It is terrifying to work without a net, so to speak. But I think there’s a great demand for whatever organizational services you provide. If you lived nearby, I’d be tempted to ask: “when can you start?”