Thanks so much

The jars are so much more affordable than using plastic wear and you can see through them easily. A lot of my clients are incredibly visual people and need to easily see what they have – the out of sight out of mind phenomena – so keeping everything easy to see and find is critical.
My clients were very good sports about the TV crew being there – it took over 2 1/2 hours to film and the who broadcast was only about 4 minutes.

I’m home now after a generally decent flight

Except a $50 that was in my pocket is now in someone else’s possession. I can’t understand how it simply fell out, and it wasn’t “helped” out. It just wasn’t there. I try to treat those annoying events as “Millie moments” for someone else; maybe someone really needed the $50 and I didn’t need it as much.

Got home and it wasn’t just a cranky husband; there were multiple issues which came up which I just didn’t see coming. No injuries, no deaths, no property damage, but several close calls and a lot of So we’ve decided to table all conversations about the weekend for at least a few days. Get back into the swing of things, get some rest, have a few normal days, then talk about what needs to change, rather than who’s to blame for what. We could each blame the other for all sorts of things that went sideways this weekend. That would only serve to tick off the other person without actually accomplishing anything.

Note to self, and anyone else who might find themselves in this position: don’t try to talk to your non-DR parents about how to manage a DR-inspired business in an industry they’ve never worked in.