I really enjoyed the video

I was a bit surprised to see much of what you did for their kitchen is exactly what I’ve been doing in my own pantry/food storage areas. Right down to using labeled canning jars for all sorts of things. My spices have been alphabetized for years, but that cabinet has became inefficient so it’s next on my “hit” parade for a good clean out.

It really depends on the organizer and what they specialize in

Some only work with companies, some only work with families, some only work with hoarders or those with ADHD.
I help my families to declutter, find simple organizing strategies to keep it that way once I am gone but also help with time management, menu planning and life in general.
Usually I work with my clients in their homes, but also do virtual organizing for those in other countries or cities they send photos, we discuss ( either by phone, skype or email ) ways to fix the issues, set time frames and goals and then work together with accountability systems to ensure they happen.
It is a lot of fun and very rewarding when families were overwhelmed with stuff find freedom from the burden of their belongings..
If you are interested – here is a link to tv interview I did with one of my clients for the CBC news.