As a self-employed person … I agree 1000%!

Your success or lack of it is totally up to you …. not some one who has no personal stake in your family’s well-being.

I asked dh if could ever go back to working for someone else and be truly happy? He thought for a second and said “no way.”

Just remember to run your business like your household … cash only. Debt is the biggest killer of small businesses. Expand only as you have the cash. Cash is king at home and at work.

I sure could use help organizing my studio … I do scrapbooking for myself personally and custom coasters for the pubic. You wouldn’t happen to be in south Louisiana? LOL

Can you come help me organize my house?

🙂 My Mother in law is willing to pay for 2 hours with an organizer (of her choice) and I told her YES but I interview the person and get to pick the person!

Anyway, let me know of any good websites where I can find someone qualified to help me get my place organized!