well, my weekend started out ok

the co that my 2 oldest work at, fired 3 employees on Wednesday and they thought they got the “cancer” taken care of. No, Saturday afternoon, it was discovered that there may be another bad apple in the co. So my kids are on mandatory overtime until new employees can be hired, trained and tagged by the FAA.

I got my little “rental” for a few hours on Saturday and enjoyed the baby time. They have now given me a carseat for her, so not sure what that means…but her nana was calling me “the other grandma”.

Mother’s Day was good up intil about 2:30. I recieved a phone call that my middle child was being evaluated by EMS and would be transported to the local ER. She was scheduled to work inside, so wore that uniform to work. They became short-staffed outside, so they sent her out in the heat and sun to work. after 2 1/2-3 hrs, heat set in and you know the rest—long brown pants, black shoes, long sleeved blouse and scarf don’t work well.

DH and I did go to the ER, I spoke with her and the attending, then left to get my car from the work parking lot and let my DH sit there until she was released. Her supervisor kindly “released her” from working last night—paperwork says she can’t work until Tuesday at the earliest.

Today, I have scheduled followups to make sure she can go back to work, my dinner that was supposed to be last night will be tonight with plenty of leftovers for the now OT kids to take with them to work.

Mothers day, per se, was very nice here visiting Mom

But my DH taking care of the farm in my absence, was one long trainwreck. One crisis after another such that my phone was ringing 6x/day with some new issue. I’m getting ready to fly home, to a farm I thought was ready for me to be gone a few days, but wasn’t,and a DH who spent most of the weekend angry. So I’m not sure what/why those issues came up. But we have a lot of work ahead of us figuring out what went wrong and why. Not my happiest, most cheerful report.