Looking like a great Mother’s day

since my DH has worked or traveled most mother’s days for the past 25 yrs, but only the past 21 has he had kids. He did the big shock to tell me that he enjoyed the time at a golf tournament as a spectator and not as an employee, enjoyed the quality time he spent with #1 child today, along with time with me–showing him around a course he has never been able to appreciate.

Tomorrow is another day, but he wants to go walk on the beach…only 5m from home, but never had the time to do it with me.

The “early retirement”/”we are eliminating your postition” has been a more positive thing family related.

This last week saw slow progress on the general declutter of the house, yard and points beyond

Nothing major, but all things that needed to be done. I did a “mystery shop”, sort of, it was basically a free meal for the two of us at a fast food joint. I didn’t make any money at it because it was a reimbursement shop only, but it required no real work on my part and we go to eat for free while out running errands in the area anyway. This is the only way I will do shops any more. I also agreed to help my favorite mystery shopping company out with two “walk in and take a photo” shops that they couldn’t get done. I’ve got two weeks to get them done and they are both very close to home where I normally run errands to anyway. So no extra fuel or such will be required, just five minutes each to file the forms basically. They asked me to do about 30 others, but they would have required a whole lot fuel and time to do the traveling so I declined those. I need to be home. I don’t want to deal with tax issues from MS any more and I really would rather put my time and energy into my home and family.
The guys worked between rain storms on and off all weekend on the little bird pen to get the geese out of the garden. They still aren’t finished, but progress was made. Hopefully they’ll be able to finish it up after dinner each night this week.
Mother’s Day was pleasant and relaxing. I was forbidden to do any “work”. I received two new hummingbird feeders. I’ve always loved feeding the hummers, but my feeders were in bad shape so I’ve not been able to since we started DR because the replacement feeders weren’t in the budget. Dh is going to hang them near the windows in the rooms I’m in the most during the day and out of the cats’ reach when they are outside. We know the hummers are back because we’ve seen and heard them. I’ve got the feeders full and hopefully the guys will hang them tonight.
Dh made breakfast/brunch, biscuits and gravy from scratch, and dinner, charcoaled hamburgers and homemade ice cream. The guys did all the laundry and cleaned the kitchen up too. Nice Mother’s Day as far as I am concerned!!
I dug out my dehydrator and will be making yogurt this week for the first time in it. I’m pretty excited about the project. We have got so we eat a lot of Greek Yogurt and at $1 or more a tiny cup it’s definitely something I need to learn to do well. Of course I’m working on blog posts on the project which will go up for reading in the next day or so. Just as soon as I snap some photos of the process as I do it. Many of the recipes that are in conjunction with the post are already up (how I spent part of my weekend) and can be linked to at Patterson’s Pantry Recipes from the blog post below.
We are definitely over budget on groceries this pay period, but well under budget in various other departments, so all in all we are in good shape on the overall budget for this two week pay period as long as Murphy stays away. I really made dh’s weekend when I told him that IF Murphy stays away and all goes according to plan we will be free of all credit card debt by this time next year. I told him he needed to be thinking between now and then whether he’d rather pay off the house mortgages first or truly follow DR’s plan and put the FFEF in place first. He and I are both leaning hard toward the correct baby step order, but the idea of being so close to have the house free and clear so soon is also very tempting.
Oh on the pantry saga—progress is still being made. The rain has really slowed the manufacturing of our can rotators because dh is doing the building outside. We really need to convert the big bird coop to an indoor workshop for the guys. However, sometimes slow is good. It has allowed me to tweak how I want to do things and find ways to cut the cost. One such example was we were planning on buying bins to put chips and similar soft packages in, but due to the delay and the over budget on groceries (I’m using part of the grocery budget to pay for materials for the organizations) I had to put off buying the bins.
Yesterday I remembered that I had some wire baskets from our old house down in the garage. So on one of my walks in the intermittent sunshine I went to the garage and found them. I think they are going to work out well for what I’m wanting to do. I’ll need to clean them up good, and possibly use leftover spray paint to paint them because they aren’t real pretty, but guess what I think they’ll work. The best part is it was something I already had! Zero dollars spent. Now that is my idea of doing the organizing. So far we’ve spent just that, zero by using scraps of lumber and such. It’s taking longer to do it than rushing out and buying all new materials, but there is definitely a great satisfaction in doing it for free. Not only does it help us stay on budget, but by using those materials we are helping to clear out additional clutter. Once this project is finally finished there will of course be a blog post on it with before and after photos. I’m really loving the way it is shaping up.
Of course with the delight I’m having with the upstairs pantry organization I find myself glaring at places like the spice cabinet, the grain pantry and the dreaded big pantry in the basement. You can guess what I want to work on next. Dh and ds are just shaking their heads. The local “Bridges” redbox is loving it because the more I get things organized the more I want things gone and I am donating huge amounts of things rather than having it stack up waiting to be sold. It’s spring, what can I say. I want CLEAN! LOL! My poor guys. However, I’m not Miss Kay on Duck Dynasty and I will not be getting rid of any of their stuff without talking to them about it first.

How about splitting your snowball into halves or even thirds?

I would definitely up the retirement to 15% by doing 401k with whatever the company will match and since you are so close to retirement consider doing regular IRA for the tax deduction. Do this until you have an amount in the retirement you are comfortable with. Speaking from personal experience you never know how soon you will find yourself forced into retirement. We certainly hadn’t planned on taking dh’s ss at age 62, but we ended up having to, paying it back and now it’s all a mess.
The kids need to be doing their part to get ready for those college bills, my kids both worked and it didn’t hurt them at all. Set a cap on how much you personally will put back. Maybe offer to match what they put back up to a certain amount.
If you did thirds you could put the rest on the Sallie Mae. Then after you hit your cap on the other two throw it all at Sallie—she’s such a biddy and I truly celebrated our divorce from her!

First off, congratulations on paying off all your consumer debt!

That is Fantastic! How long did it take you?
I’m not sure if Dave Ramsey would say to ever go out of order on the Baby Steps. I believe, he says if you can’t get out of debt in 18 months or less then, contribute to your retirement. Can someone else confirm that?
I’m interested to know what your snowball is now? You said you just paid off your consumer debt and built up your FFEF. So now that that is done, I’m assuming you still have that money to put toward your next “step”?
Can knock out your Sallie Mae #2 in a year? ($1658.30/month)
My gut says to get your retirement contribution up to 15% for both you and your husband ASAP. Have you figured out what dollar amount you need in your retirement account to retire? If it is $150,000 or $ 1,500,000, will really depend on how aggressive you need to be in your contributions.
Maybe you can do both. Contribute 15% to retirement and quickly pay off your Sallie Mae’s. I’d need to know a few more numbers to really be specific. It depends on how big your shovel is!
Can you increase your income to fully fund your retirement accounts?

Hello all, I wanted to give an update and hoping to hear back from you all…

trying to make sure my path is clear (moving forward) as opposed to “clear as mud”…. First of all, I’m so excited to say that we have PAID off all of our consumer debt – two vehicle loans, medical bills, and credit card debt. Approx $90k all while having extra expenses of another $50k.This has been a great accomplishment, but we’re nowhere near done.

Due to our odd circumstances (I’m self employed, have six kids – ages 18, 13, 8, 7, 6 and 4). Went from this step to completing our EF. We have a 6-mo EF in the bank and another 2-month essentially in Roth IRAs.

Since dh is 60 and we’ve had no retirement, we have had him just contributing up to the match (4%) in his 401k. This account is at $20k. Nothing else is being saved towards retirement.

I’ve really felt like just a huge race against the clock… He has a good income, but he won’t be working forever, and is still paying alimony for another 5.5 years to the tune of $816/mo. So we can’t really RAMP UP our retirement savings like we need to while we’re still paying that.

NOW, the debt I have remaining is the following:
Sallie Mae #2 $ 19,553.70 @ 3.25% interest $126.95/mo
Sallie Mae #1 $ 23,534.46 @ 3.25% interest $151.63/mo
Rental property mortgage $137,913.81 @ 5.5% interest $1125 /mo
Primary home mortgage $305,000 @ 3.25% interest $1765/mo

Still lots and lots of money we owe, obviously. Should the student loans as my snowball, then raise retirement savings to 15%, then start saving toward the kids college (I’m hoping to be able to at least pay for their books – seriously), and THEN start focusing on the two mortgages? Or how would you do it?

Thanks for the input 🙂

This describes me to a “T”

That is why one of the pieces in my studio has a flat top and the doors on the bottom are glass. I can look through them to see what is stored below. I have very little that is stored behind doors in my sutdio. It is almost all on open shelves and this piece I described.

My pantry in the laundry room is a set of built in shelves that are open front. No doors or curtains hiding anything.

This out of sight out of mind mentality is why I also like curio cabinets. I can see my goodies, keep them from getting dusty as fast and they are kept safe from people who like to handle things but are not careful enough … kids and adults alike!

Yes the jars are definitely cheaper

and since I use canning jars I can use my vacuum sealer to seal them. This helps to extend freshness. I use ½ gallon canning jars for the back roll on my tiered shelf, then quart, then pint, then half pint. Put the labels high and you can immediately see where everything is (photos will be posted soon on my blog). For things I use on a daily basis I will use “recycled” jars, such as mayonnaise, pickle etc.

Thanks so much

The jars are so much more affordable than using plastic wear and you can see through them easily. A lot of my clients are incredibly visual people and need to easily see what they have – the out of sight out of mind phenomena – so keeping everything easy to see and find is critical.
My clients were very good sports about the TV crew being there – it took over 2 1/2 hours to film and the who broadcast was only about 4 minutes.

I really enjoyed the video

I was a bit surprised to see much of what you did for their kitchen is exactly what I’ve been doing in my own pantry/food storage areas. Right down to using labeled canning jars for all sorts of things. My spices have been alphabetized for years, but that cabinet has became inefficient so it’s next on my “hit” parade for a good clean out.

It really depends on the organizer and what they specialize in

Some only work with companies, some only work with families, some only work with hoarders or those with ADHD.
I help my families to declutter, find simple organizing strategies to keep it that way once I am gone but also help with time management, menu planning and life in general.
Usually I work with my clients in their homes, but also do virtual organizing for those in other countries or cities they send photos, we discuss ( either by phone, skype or email ) ways to fix the issues, set time frames and goals and then work together with accountability systems to ensure they happen.
It is a lot of fun and very rewarding when families were overwhelmed with stuff find freedom from the burden of their belongings..
If you are interested – here is a link to tv interview I did with one of my clients for the CBC news.

I’m curious about this organizers idea

Is this someone who comes in and helps deal with clutter, ie, organizing objects? Or do they help you organize your time/work/personal life schedules? Organize business tasks/strategy/operations? Congrats on launching the self-employment part of things. It is terrifying to work without a net, so to speak. But I think there’s a great demand for whatever organizational services you provide. If you lived nearby, I’d be tempted to ask: “when can you start?”

As a self-employed person … I agree 1000%!

Your success or lack of it is totally up to you …. not some one who has no personal stake in your family’s well-being.

I asked dh if could ever go back to working for someone else and be truly happy? He thought for a second and said “no way.”

Just remember to run your business like your household … cash only. Debt is the biggest killer of small businesses. Expand only as you have the cash. Cash is king at home and at work.

I sure could use help organizing my studio … I do scrapbooking for myself personally and custom coasters for the pubic. You wouldn’t happen to be in south Louisiana? LOL

Can you come help me organize my house?

🙂 My Mother in law is willing to pay for 2 hours with an organizer (of her choice) and I told her YES but I interview the person and get to pick the person!

Anyway, let me know of any good websites where I can find someone qualified to help me get my place organized!

I’m home now after a generally decent flight

Except a $50 that was in my pocket is now in someone else’s possession. I can’t understand how it simply fell out, and it wasn’t “helped” out. It just wasn’t there. I try to treat those annoying events as “Millie moments” for someone else; maybe someone really needed the $50 and I didn’t need it as much.

Got home and it wasn’t just a cranky husband; there were multiple issues which came up which I just didn’t see coming. No injuries, no deaths, no property damage, but several close calls and a lot of So we’ve decided to table all conversations about the weekend for at least a few days. Get back into the swing of things, get some rest, have a few normal days, then talk about what needs to change, rather than who’s to blame for what. We could each blame the other for all sorts of things that went sideways this weekend. That would only serve to tick off the other person without actually accomplishing anything.

Note to self, and anyone else who might find themselves in this position: don’t try to talk to your non-DR parents about how to manage a DR-inspired business in an industry they’ve never worked in.

well, my weekend started out ok

the co that my 2 oldest work at, fired 3 employees on Wednesday and they thought they got the “cancer” taken care of. No, Saturday afternoon, it was discovered that there may be another bad apple in the co. So my kids are on mandatory overtime until new employees can be hired, trained and tagged by the FAA.

I got my little “rental” for a few hours on Saturday and enjoyed the baby time. They have now given me a carseat for her, so not sure what that means…but her nana was calling me “the other grandma”.

Mother’s Day was good up intil about 2:30. I recieved a phone call that my middle child was being evaluated by EMS and would be transported to the local ER. She was scheduled to work inside, so wore that uniform to work. They became short-staffed outside, so they sent her out in the heat and sun to work. after 2 1/2-3 hrs, heat set in and you know the rest—long brown pants, black shoes, long sleeved blouse and scarf don’t work well.

DH and I did go to the ER, I spoke with her and the attending, then left to get my car from the work parking lot and let my DH sit there until she was released. Her supervisor kindly “released her” from working last night—paperwork says she can’t work until Tuesday at the earliest.

Today, I have scheduled followups to make sure she can go back to work, my dinner that was supposed to be last night will be tonight with plenty of leftovers for the now OT kids to take with them to work.

Mothers day, per se, was very nice here visiting Mom

But my DH taking care of the farm in my absence, was one long trainwreck. One crisis after another such that my phone was ringing 6x/day with some new issue. I’m getting ready to fly home, to a farm I thought was ready for me to be gone a few days, but wasn’t,and a DH who spent most of the weekend angry. So I’m not sure what/why those issues came up. But we have a lot of work ahead of us figuring out what went wrong and why. Not my happiest, most cheerful report.

Seems like all I ever do is work on clearing out the clutter in this house and trying to keep up with the yard

I know it’s snowing in some parts still – I keep the a/c on 72 year round (still keep the costs down to about $150 even in the 95+ degree weather we have in the summer (it’s been 89 lately). What this means is I seem to live in a jungle with mowing every 5 days to keep up, not to mention all the other bits of yard work that go with that.

With this in mind, I have made a concerted effort to get some social time in – but it has to be darned close to free. Here in our area, there is a huge musical presence and lots of small town festivals. I go to one of the local open mic nights at a restaurant here on Tuesdays and order a club soda for the evening. Each musician plays 3 songs and this goes on for about 5 hours. It’s great. I’m on the southwest gulf coast of FL so have the opportunity every Mother’s Day to take a free cruise with a local boat tour company. Did a sunset tour around the harbor this time. I did a 7 hour trip to a key south of us that takes about 2.5 hours each way, then spend 2 hours at the restaurant on this key – it’s a privately owned key only accessible by boat. Next year I’m going to another key that is part of the state park system and also only accessible by boat. Takes about 2.5 hours each way, plus 3 hours on the island. Should be a nice trip.

This month, we have the Hibiscus Festival coming up, the Key Lime Festival, a great band playing at the open air rooftop bar of a local hotel and it’s great to kickback in the lounge chairs by the pool or any of the great outdoor sectionals they have – again, a club soda goes a long way. There’s a place called Fishermen’s Village that has timeshares on the 2nd floor, while the first houses shops and restaurants. I guess you might think of it as a board walk, of sorts, but all on land and it ends with a restaurant on the water. They have an open patio area, under cover, in the center and have bands play 5 – 9 on weekends. That is great as there’s resin patio furniture and you simply take your bottle of water and hang out. If you get there before 5, you can explore the resort shops which is always fun.

Heading to Yogurt Mountain on Sunday to get 6 oz of frozen yogurt free. Brunch earlier in the day at son’s house. Thursday nights at a local riverfront park consists of acoustical musicians setting up in the gazebo, pavilion and on the grass, playing. Again, just the general public coming to play and/or to simply listen. Started about 10 years ago with a group of 7 friends and has grown. During winter season when snowbirds are here, we see as many as 5k there.

So I am working on an entertainment budget of $25 a month and am doing at least 2 activities each week – as many as 5. This is allowing me to divert more money to pay down credit cards. And, fortunately, we live in an area where 7 miles south or north and I can do everything I possible could want to – if I expanded that, I would have a lot more opportunities. However, I am limiting my 2003 paid for Camry (yay – that was a milestone accomplished last fall) to ONE tank of gas per month – since the first of the year, I’ve met this goal, even with taking a 140 mile round trip each month.

Other than that, I took the ‘nudging’ from whomever said we could all plant a pot of our veggie of choice and set up 5 gallon pots with soil and planted seeds obtained from wintersown.org including turnips, celery, banana peppers and tomatoes. I had two separate orders – one was a mix of flowers and some veggies, while the tomato order was separate – choose 6 varieties, 4 alternates – they sent me all 10 choices. These were gained for the cost of the envelope/paper/stamp plus another SASE envelope using two stamps each. I saved some of those thumb-sized yellow/red/orange pepper seeds, dried and planted those. Scrounged up some old seed packets and figured if they grew, great – no cost. About half did so I have watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers and squash. I have cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, yellow grape tomatoes as well.

Never grown veggies so this is a challenge. It’s miserably hot here already so I’m playing by ear. I did some research and ordered some neem oil and mixed with water and a drop of dish soap – hope this works – supposed to deal with leafminers which seems to be my only issue as of now, aphids and a couple other things, I believe, while not harming beneficial insects such as lady bugs. I hope this works well. Takes a week or so, as I understand it.

And, after hearing of Jan’s grapes, instead of tossing out the old portable gazebo frame when the top finally gave way (cheaper to replace the whole unit than just the canvas top, unfortunately), I moved it to the corner of the yard, put chicken wire on the top and a couple levels of landscaping timber around the base of the frame. This has been mulched in (so I plan on moving the watermelon and cantaloupe pots over here for crawling space, while the squash are going into the like-framed banana trees bed, while cucumber is going to the chain link fence along the back to climb). In each corner of the frame, I planted muscadine grapes. 1 vine has been there 3 yrs, the other 3 only two years. I have gazillions of little grapes everywhere. Now I have to figure out how to net them to keep the birds out.

So I took the challenge of growing veggies to see if that would cut my food costs noticeably. If things grow as I hope, I’ll have some extras – if so, I’ve already identified a food bank I can give them to as well as a new halfway house for homeless veterans where the soul purpose is to get the vets back on their financial feet.

These are my frugal plans for the summer, as things currently stand.

This is my first Mother’s Day w/out my mom, she passed last Sept. 1.

We plan on having lunch at a friend’s house. They are fixing shrimp and okra gumbo. Her mom is in a nursing home and too much of an invalid ot leave for lunch. My family will go see my grandma and dad after lunch. My friend will go see her mom after lunch too.

I was supposed to go antique-ing with a friend tomorrow in a town about 2 hours away. However we are under flood watch in all of southeast Louisiana till tomorrow evening. We are postponing our trip till another day.

I am not sure what my dh and dd are planning for us. If they choose to do a gift, that is great, if not–that is okay too. We usually don’t go out and eat on the big day. We may go out one evening next week.

We will spend very little for Mother’s Day. I will probably pick up a mixed boquet for my grandma. She is easy to please …. she really loves it when we go see her and get McDonald’s for lunch. LOL

I’m sitting in my mom’s living room enjoying some time away from the farm

Everyone needs some airing out and I guess it was my turn. Going to just be with mom on Mom’s Day; that’s treat enough.Spent $400 to get here so that’s not cheap, but we shopped the airfare and payed less than we expected so I’ll take it.

I did feel compelled to have gifts in hand for the three neices this trip, which is a new thing for me now that Im spending time with family again. Approx $60 for three t-shirts, each showing that child’s hobby (soccer, gymnastics and flowers) somehow seemed appropriate. Gifts for young family members is very unfamiliar ground. That should be the last I spend on the weekend. Well see.

This is dice weekend

Every hour the kids and I roll two dice. The number we roll determines how many things we each. need to pickup and put away. I’ve done this with decluttering -roll the dice and that’s how many things I have to find to donate other sell. Somehow the dice part makes it fun, not stressful.

Thanks for your comments!

It took us approximately four years, there was a strange mix of unusual money coming in AND going out during that time.

After reaching where we’ve gotten so far, I’ve had to readjust things and am trying to get some envelopes and sinking funds built up, so I’m kind of taking a “snowball break” in order to be on track in that way.

I don’t have the funds to knock out Sallie Mae #2 in one year. Unfortunately. My shovel is smaller than it used to be. I do have about $2,000 from our tax refund and Extloans service, then I could probably scrape together a few hundred per month snowball plus any extra that came in to add to the minimum payment.

How much would we need in retirement? The short (but not meant to be flip) answer is probably as high as we can make it. I’d say we’d need to get it up to $900k at a minimum… although if I was able to get the rental property mortgage paid off – that would provide more cash flow and the number could be lower (though obviously the higher the better). I am only 39.5, but am self employed and my income is much more sporadic. I’m guessing that it could be a little less sporadic when the kids are older though… but dh is really hoping that I won’t have to work FULL TIME when he finally is able to retire… So I’m trying to get things in as good as shape as possible, as quickly as possible.

I do think that once I decide more definitely what direction I should take, I will once again become even more gazelle intense in a mad flurry of activity and trying to reach goals!

If I were to spend a few months righting the envelopes and sinking funds… and making plans… then perhaps Sally and Larry are both correct. I could take every available extra penny and split it something like 25% sinking funds; 35% snowball Sallie Mae; 35% to a Roth IRA, and 5% to college books fund. It wouldn’t get me all the way where I need to be right off of the bat, but if I make a concrete plan – I WILL stick to it and hopefully once I get that Sallie Mae #2 to budge, I will start seeing faster progress.

If dh does get a cost of living increase, I would snowball that. The first of the year, they may increase the match up to 5%… I would definitely take advantage of that if it happens. Also, once the alimony of $816.mo is paid off… I will have about 3 years of dh working full time (if all goes according to plan, of course) still that I can throw at everything. My youngest starts kindergarten in another year and a half, and my child care costs will go down SOME, but not disappear all of the way. All of these things would make a difference at various times.

I could get more gazelle intense. We aren’t frivolous, but there is some fat that could be trimmed out of the budget I’d say… and I also have some things around here that I need to declutter either for the tax write-off by donating, or to raise the cash by selling on Craigslist or Ebay.

I’ve been struggling with health issues, which throws a wrench in things – bill-wise, income-earning-wise, and ENERGY-wise!

Sometimes it feels like I just need a miracle, a magic wand, AND gazelle intensity! I know I just threw a lot at you all, and I thank you for muddling through it with me. It’s a very complicated situation!

T’s a golf weekend here….

The Players is going on. We got a free week of clubhouse passes and parking passes—we were pleasantly surprised by getting them since DH retired from working for PGA Tour. I was able to pass on today’s tickets to a friend because Schwab gave us tickets–the food/drink at their hospitality tent was free.

Not sure what the game plan is for Sunday, but it doesn’t matter, I already got my gift of spending the day on the course and DH finally got to WATCH a golf tournament instead of WORKING—after 26 yrs, that was great.

Well, my son is going to his first formal tonight

We were very very frugal about it. We purchased adjustable tuxedo pants and and a very nice blazer for $2. We later purchased a tuxedo jacket to wear instead of the blazer, because the blazer is camel hair and we were afraid it would be too hot. Now.. we find out it’s not hot but it will be raining tonight, so I guess it worked out for the best (Wet camel hair? Yuck!).
We also got his shoes for $9 and I made the corsage and boutonniere for about $5. He has saved/earned his own spending money for the evening. Not sure he will be frugal about it!
While he is having a good time, dancing the night away, we will be enjoying free tickets to a minor league game. I am taking my mother out to dinner and the game. We just have to share the box with several of my co-workers! So I do have to buy her dinner at the restaurant of her choice, tonight will be ok on the budget!
This weekend, we are going to start working on our house to get it ready to sell. We are starting with the cheapest fixes and moving up to the most expensive ones. I’m not looking forward to this process at all but hopefully, it will be worth it!

I have been in sales all of my life

and a year ago now, lost my job of 15 years. In church, I have been approached twice now by someone with send out cards to join. I have NEVER been involved with an MLM in my life, am getting desperate and was wondering if anyone had any insight on this particular forum.
thanks so much for any help

Is Finders Key Purse an MLM?

No, this isn’t one of THOSE posts. I have the MLM Wholesale forum. Some of you may have heard of it.
It’s a group for people to sell off their MLM stuff that they got stuck It’s a strictly no advertsing site.

And I don’t want to turn it into a general garage sale site.

I thought Finders Key Purse was an MLM. One of my mods questioned it. When I went to the site, it wasn’t abundantly clear one way or the

So does anyone know for sure? I have no first hand dealings with this.

Like I mentioned, I don’t want people to start using it as a garage site. And I figured that *someone* here would have some first knowledge.