I have been in sales all of my life

and a year ago now, lost my job of 15 years. In church, I have been approached twice now by someone with send out cards to join. I have NEVER been involved with an MLM in my life, am getting desperate and was wondering if anyone had any insight on this particular forum.
thanks so much for any help

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Is Finders Key Purse an MLM?

No, this isn’t one of THOSE posts. I have the MLM Wholesale forum. Some of you may have heard of it.
It’s a group for people to sell off their MLM stuff that they got stuck It’s a strictly no advertsing site.

And I don’t want to turn it into a general garage sale site.

I thought Finders Key Purse was an MLM. One of my mods questioned it. When I went to the site, it wasn’t abundantly clear one way or the

So does anyone know for sure? I have no first hand dealings with this.

Like I mentioned, I don’t want people to start using it as a garage site. And I figured that *someone* here would have some first knowledge.

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